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Here’s our Desktop/Notebook Wizard Electronics IT General Service Checklist

Fixing slow computers – Common Issues addressed with a Standard Service.

  1. Check the age/CPU/RAM spec of the machine. What was once a powerhouse PC might not be up to running the latest version of Windows 10.
  2. Check the hard drive – replace mechanical or older SSD with a new drive or better still a new PC.
  3. Check drive Free Space – if less than 10-20GB can cause issues. Use Treesize or CCleaner to remove unwanted items.
  4. Disable Startup items using MSConfig, on the services Tab Hide Microsoft Items, then untick as many items as possible. Any issues you can easily turn a component back on.
  5. Uninstall unwanted software, especially items running in the background or that have Icons active next to the time in the Task Bar.
  6. Run ADWcleaner and or similar malware scanning tools.
  7. Run your AV product with a Full Scan.
  8. Review your Antivirus Product – some products score poorly in performance and cause slowness.
  9. Check Windows Updates and recheck until no items remain.
  10. Check graphics card drivers are provided by the manufacturer rather than Microsoft generic.
  11. Check Device Manager for any issues.
  12. Check logs in Event Viewer
  13. Run chkdsk C: /f /r at the command prompt as admin. Replace drive any bad sectors found as they will continue to get worse.
  14. Run SFC /scannow to check the OS installation.
  15. Any issues or just to refresh, backup data and reinstall Windows.
  16.  Blow out excess dust that may affect performance from overheating.
  17. Upgrade hardware – new RAM for notebook or PC’s, graphics cards make a huge difference for some applications.
  18. Update Application software – for example for Outlook running slow, run Office Updates from File, Office Account, Updates. Issues with Adobe, go to the Help tab, Check for Updates.
  19. Call Wizard Electronics today for free advice or to book a complete service.

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